It has come to my attention that I can be a bit of a cunt


I have an inappropriate love of coffee, cigarettes and artful vulgarity.

I was a philosophy major at a time when that was the default degree for those with a predilection towards cynicism, contrarianism and a general state of anomie.  Back when we all wanted to be Troy Dyer; sitting back, smoking our Camel Straights and riding our own melts.

My most relevant philosophical theory is that the guttural, unpolished sound of 80's punk in juxtaposition to its myriad and seemingly incongruous themes resonates a deep-seated cultural need to scream into Nietzsche's abyss; one last act of desperation as the self-aware, semi-self-actualized dig their nails into the last millimeter of the cliff's edge before the inevitable plunge into nihilism.  Fuck Mickey, Uncle Walt, Joe McCarthy and Ronnie Reagan in particular.

I have a Yellow Lab that chases leaves on the wind and barks at frogs, hoping they'll play with him; I'm getting the startling impression he is wiser than he seems.

This may be the most honest accounting of myself that I've ever written.

What I'm doing with my life
I'm on sabbatical at the moment but I usually work in IT security and infrastructure. Due to the nature of the industry it's hard to fight the feeling of being a lone firefighter in a gunpowder factory staffed with coked-up Capuchin monkeys.
Favouritest of all the things
Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus, Nirvana, Coffee, Cigarettes, Vinyl, Music, Writing, Reading, Pizza, Politics, History, Philosophy, Green Energy, Solutions for Homelessness, Alternative Housing, etc.
My darkest secret
There's a setting for "Casual" on my clothes dryer and EVERY fucking time I use that setting I think of the scene from Return Of The Jedi when Han and Chewie argue over how to to "fly casual" and I look at my dryer and say "I don't know! Dry casual!" and press the start button.

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