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I've seen much more of the world than an average 22 year old. 

I swim, play video games, work out and do charity work. 
I work with special needs children.

I am a lifeguard instructor, Watersafety instructor for the american red cross & a wildland firefighter f

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS - Classical/ Type2) TL;DR is My skin is smooth, stretchy and tears easily. Joints are very loose and it causes alot of medical related issues.

NMU - Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Management with a minor in wild land firefighting

Cryso (treasurer)  of the Theta Iota Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

What I'm doing with my life
Going to school full time, but when school is out i'm a nomad and travel as far and as much as i can. Living off Craigslist job postings.
Working towards better my fraternity chapter. 
Trying not to freeze in the subzero temperatures in winter.
Wearing pink on wednesdays.
Working with special needs children.
Favouritest of all the things
History of the world
Starwars & Starwars Accessories
teaching / coaching
& Beautiful people
My darkest secret
I work with kids and pretend to love and cherish them and say they are cute.... I HATE THEM. but i do good work and get paid well. they gain benefits and knowledge and i'm learning to like them so its a Win-Win.
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