Carpe Diem

23 / Male / Tallahassee, FL, United States


I'm a 23 year old FSU graduate who has hiked on the Appalachian Trail, the Grand Canyon, every named (and some unnamed) trail(s) in/around Tallahassee, and through sections of Northern Georgia. I love talking with people, so if you're reading this feel free to shoot me a message. As my username suggests I created my initial imgur account to  help people. So if you ever need anything, I've got your back.

What I'm doing with my life
Enjoying life day by day and seizing any opportunity for adventure that I can.
Favouritest of all the things
Backpacking/hiking is my favorite activity to do hands down. There is an overflowing peace when I put my pack on and all that matters is putting one foot in front of the other. Seeing the beauty of where I am and where the trails take me is an unbeatable experience. I also love rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, Harry Potter, Jeopardy (basically all types of trivia), Disney movies, and really anything that allows me to be active and outdoors. There's also a soft spot in my heart for all the major Mario games, the best of them being Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Dr. Mario.
My darkest secret
aHelper doesn't think they have any secrets, but we all know about that one time right? ;)
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