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I like to be the big spoon. Currently training to be She Hulk. I also read cookbooks like they're in depth novels.

Steam: Vronnyka
Snapchat: ughokfinethen
Instagram: Vronnyka

What I'm doing with my life
May - Magic Giant concert, D.C. tour w/ friends
June - SLAYER'S LAST TOUR, Virginia Beach remodel?
July - Weezer & Pixies, Kesha & Macklemore
August - Hanson String Theory
October - NYC Sosa Meetup
Favouritest of all the things
Water. It is life.
My darkest secret
Why does every profile ask this question? I could say whatever I want in here, and you either believe it or not. However, who would tell their darkest secret for the world to see, unless it was so unbelievable that they could type it out and be safe knowing no one would actually believe it?

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