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Gabriel Dragulia

26 / Male / Roermond, Netherlands

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Something clever goes here!
Now only if I knew how to come up with something clever...
You know what, I'll let others speak of me.

@zuntsuthedemonpriest: "im pretty sure he has a banhammer so stay on his good side"
"i like him because his and my own picture tends to confuse people"
"he has a nice face that i still want"
"he wont let me flush people out in the toilet"

@grumpyfrenchperson: "probably one of the kindest persons I've ever met. I built a monument to his glory in my closet. But, sshht, it's a secret."

@SerialZX: "The Godfather of Europe chat. Kind to those who deserve it, but don't mess with the family"

@Nijerik: "he has an awesome beard"

@MuffinsAndStrawberries: "Charming, amusing and sweet guy. If you ever need someone to entertain you, he's the perfect guy for that :)"

@LadyBunneh: "A friendly reminder that SoSa is fun because of this guy, yes this - naked Pim! Also master pick-up-master and smooth as my legs."
@UnfinishedUserna: "I would be muted by @gabrieldragulia anyday. Always a good time."

What I'm doing with my life
What am I doing? Making music, enjoying my life, studying music in fact, and hoping that one day I'll become famous!
I doubt it, but still, worth a shot ain't it?
Favouritest of all the things
Doing nothing, chatting with people. So, at least I'm in the right place.
If I could live off doing nothing, ooooh lawdy lawd, I'd be in heaven.
My darkest secret
gabrieldragulia doesn't think they have any secrets, but we all know about that one time right? ;)
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