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Wispon was here
Just call me jailbait b/c honestly I dont think that nicknames going away...

If I was in That 70s Show, I would be Laurie.

I like That 70s Show, its the bomb. I ride horses, I work with abused horses, and animals are the bomb. I volunteer at a nursing home on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Old people will brighten your day, but GODDAMNIT ANNIE!* I'm an Imgur stalker for hire, hit me up. Your Imgur profile will be my homepage, and I'll occasionally say hi and ruin your day with horrible facts.

I'm bisexual. Pretty much. I date who I want, I'm more attracted (sexually) to females though. Unless the guy is like, gorgeous. Talkin bout you Hassan/@ImADolphin. Just kidding. But if I like someones personality, I'll be physically attracted to them as well. Because I bet you wanted to know and my sexuality is like, super interesting.
*Name changed to protect the innocent.

What I'm doing with my life
Hoping to someday volunteer in Haiti! And if I like it, my plan is to take a few med courses at a community college and go live down there.
Favouritest of all the things
Horses. They're pretty therapeutic, man.
My darkest secret
I would boink Bo Burnham. So many times. I would boink him with my mouth. I dont know how he can be so attractive.
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