SoSa Hide And Seek! (TF2 Prop Hunt)

SoSa Hide And Seek! (TF2 Prop Hunt)

Sunday 17th of July at 18:00

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Hey all!

Thank you everyone who joined us on hunger games a few weeks ago ( we all had a great time and it's time for another gaming meetup!

This time we're going to be doing TF2q Prop Hunt :)

If you don't know what Prop hunt is: it's basically hide and seek but in Garry's mod, you hide as a random object (can, cupboard, tv, vending machine etc) and it's up to the other team to find you in the map!

If you don't have Garry's mod get it here:

@TheSire and I will be recording and there will be a discord going on :) with the end result going up on youtube!

Please RSVP if you're going to join us.

7.00pm UK (BST)
11.00am PST
2.00pm EST


Update! we'll be playing TF2 Please join us in Discord: for server details.

James :)



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