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22 / Female / New Brunswick, Canada


I'm pretty open to making new friends as long as people are willing to listen when I draw a boundary. I'm a casual in a lot of different fandoms and hobbies, so I have approximate knowledge of many things, including how to use a semi colon ( it's for linking two separate thoughts in one sentence). Like to co-write, but not co-rumaninate, and I'm a fan of honest but kind opinions. Also awesome is a weird word.

What I'm doing with my life
I train customer service agents at a call centre for Fido. I'm a pretty damn good teacher all my agents say so
Favouritest of all the things
I have a lot of favourite things that are shared with many people. I like naps (where I pretend to sleep so I can think about important stuffff, and I also spend a lot of fun time writing in the Potter verse. Lady Grey tea makes my mornings, and making crafts is my passion.
My darkest secret
Ehhhhhhh. Fake accents run in my family. I once caught a british one for several months, and my dad cultivates a hoser accent on purpose. Also I hate avocados. ummmmm.....once I accidentally frenched my mom.
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