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Im just a lonely demon priest who wants to meet other peoplez whom i can murder/torture and in other ways violate the human rights
Ohh yeah and also just in case you wanna know my blood type is beer and sulfur
If you are looking to make a trade for your soul i am pretty sure we can come to an agreement i also do transportation to hell for tourists who wanna see where they are gonna spend the rest of eternity
If you are looking for someone to ressurect your loved ones i can do that too but results do vary quite alot if on the other hand you just want someone killed in horrible ways im your demon priest for that


@caramelsaurussex : highly contagious, not the one we deserve

@andreaslindblom : Have a thing for grumpy french persons

@grumpyfrenchperson : Lovely psycho, excellent teacher in evilness. Boss level in awkwardness. Talk to him at your own risks, you might forget you've ever been sane.

@grumpyfrenchperson : If I had to kill all his family, I'd start with him, so he doesn't have to suffer too long. That's how much I like him

@SerialZX : An insane and psychotic demon priest. Stops at nothing to torture and sacrifice those who hurt the ones he cares about

@gabrieldragulia : Tried to steal my face, told him off. Turned out, he's not so bad once you get to know him. Tread cautiously, can spontaneously make you combust

@enixam : always expect rationalism from zuntsu' .. or something like that .. ?

@LadyBunneh : All hail the lord of darkness, companied by grumps, they are unstoppable force. Their lovechild will be a wicked monster, who would befriend some kids just to destroy them. Short: cool bros

@JohnIsANorwegianVikingOrSomething : A nice guy indeed

@Julpuri : 5% demon, 95% boy who has a crush on a girl.

@MuffinsAndStrawberries : I think you're the best demon priest I ever met :P

@grimmeld : Too stubborn to die, and then makes it into an inernational problem
@Heylaintje he is weird. zuntsuthedemonpriest is my personal speakerghost exorcist

What I'm doing with my life
im currently making the world a worse place one person at a time in the hope that more souls will be damned to hell for the rest of eternity
Favouritest of all the things
drunk dessicions
listening to stories but i preffer listening to horror stories
i like scaring people and generally enjoy schadenfreude
i also quite like food especially boiled infants with a flask of teenager blood
My darkest secret
i once almost helped an old lady across the street but i luckily let her stand right in front of an oncomming car
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