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I'm a commercial pilot. Took me goddamn long enough.

So here's the interesting thing: I'm pretty impartial to cats. Dogs are great, cats are marginal. I'm probably in the minority of imgur for that, but hey, I'm a rebel (not really please someone I can't fold my clothes).

Things I don't like: Velour, , uhhhhhhhhhh. I'll figure out more things later.

What I'm doing with my life
I'm a 22 year old aviation student who is trying to graduate and get paid money to do things. Holla holla get dolla yo. I'm also a History Major but don't ask me things about history cause I can't remember it.

My dream job is flying air attack as a contract pilot for cal fire, and in the off season flying surveillance aircraft in the middle east.
Favouritest of all the things
I fucking love reading though, like holy shit. Terry Pratchett, David Weber, any ol bullshit book I'll probably read it.

Things I like: Books, Dogs, Airplanes, Food, sleeping, girls, Community, Venture Bros.

Also fuckin legos yo.
My darkest secret
I served 6 years in the Salem Correctional Center for aggravated assault.

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