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Hey. So this is the weird awkward part where I talk about myself...So I would sum me up by saying I'm a happy person and making people laugh (am i doing this right?) I spend most of my time being active, playing sport, walking my dog etc etc...(you guys wanna know about this sort of thing don't you? I will continue then)When I'm not outside I'm either on the interwebs, listening to music - I love Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Crystal castles, Foals, Gorrilaz and SO much more. TV and movie is also a love of my life...GoT, The Walking Dead, AHS...movies include Star wars (yes even the prequels), LotR, Gladiator, GotG, Jurassic Park (love dinosaurs) basically anything awesome.
I hope this has told you a little about myself...I guess message me if you want to know anything else! :)

What I'm doing with my life
In schooooooooooooool (but really i'm too cool for it)
Favouritest of all the things
Pina coladas
Getting caught in the rain
not yoga apparently
having at least half a brain
making love at midnight

My darkest secret
my favouritist things aren't actually my favouritist things
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