I'm actually an 84 year old in a 24 year old body.



About me
I am majoring in Fashion Design and History. I am an introvert, but I do open up eventually. I prefer evenings without parties, smoking and drinking. But I do enjoy a lively debate and intellectual or even silly conversations.
I get geeky when I talk about history or fashion.

I hope one day I will be able to earn my doctorate's degree in History. :)

This is blunt and may come off as vulgar but I am waiting until marriage. It's not negotiable. It's my personal choice, and I would like my partner to respect that.

At this in point I am more interested in chatting than going out on dates. When I feel up to dating I will update this section.

I ultimately want to become a museum curator and work with historical clothing, so that's why I am a dual major: Fashion Design and History. I'm also a Francophile, and I'm a bit rusty with French but I am brushing up on it.

I have a strong work ethic and I value people who share a strong work ethic.

I am searching for an intelligent, honest, caring and faithful man. I have a weakness for men who are over 6 ft tall. And I find a warm operatic baritone (like Bryn Terfel ) absolutely irresistible. So if you can sing opera I will be impressed. I am keen on opera and musicals, so if you share similar interests please contact me.

I have a wry sense of humor and I also love Monty Python.

I have a pot-bellied pig at home. And I am an overall animal person, the only animal I am not too keen on are cats, if they are standoffish. However, if it's Tard the Grumpy cat I will keep her if I am given the offer (that's my only exception). If it's adorable and fuzzy, chances are I have a soft spot for them.


I thoroughly dislike individuals who do not appreciate or respect my thoughts. I also do not appreciate people who are not mature enough to appreciate and respect other people's opinions. I do not like people who are rude, boorish and inconsiderate. Just treat people with basic respect and dignity they deserve as a human being.

I dislike individuals who will not even say hello, or speak to me on a regular basis, and treat me poorly and taking me for granted.

I also dislike people who aren't honest with themselves and aren't living truly to their character and personality.

More pet peeves:

I loathe fedoras and newsboys hats on both men and women.

I detest the expressions "yolo" or "swag". Justin Bieber is a nasty goblin of a human being and I find rabid Bieber fans equally unappealing. And I find hipsters to be grating for reasons I myself cannot explain.

I also dislike modern art. I understand the artist's concept of their work and I can appreciate that. I don't appreciate how modern art becomes pretentious.

Contact me:

If you are actually interested.

What I'm doing with my life
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My darkest secret
TheSociableHermit doesn't think they have any secrets, but we all know about that one time right? ;)

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