I do what I want.

23 / Female / Verona, Italy

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I'm the kind of girl who runs marathons. Of several TV shows. 
I accidentally cook for 3 to 5 people even though I live alone. 
I'm the gayest.
I hate the colour yellow.

What I'm doing with my life
I'm a med student, I spend my days drinking worrying amounts of tea and yelling at whatever object in my house does not bend to my will.
My studies may or may not be driving me slowly insane.
Favouritest of all the things
COOKING. You knew this. I'm Italian. Tis how I tell people I like them.
Videogames. If I wasn't supposed to have a life I'd be probably gaming all day. 
Movies. Warning: if I watch a movie that ends tragically I will go Hulk for the rest of the day.
Books. And this is where I'd put the time and energy to read books nowadays. IF I HAD ANY!
Procrastinating. I'm very, very good at this.
My darkest secret
I overcame my fear of kiwi fruits, but after one too many horror movies I am now scared of ghosts.
  • Single
  • Secondary / High school

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