I'm a queer Slytherin from Perth and I love food, cats and bad puns

21 / Narwhal / Perth, Australia


I can eat 5 burritos to myself in a sitting, I met Christopher Lloyd and Jim Beaver, I have Pokemon, Harry Potter, Spiderman and Mario tattoos, I have an excellent Gaydar aaaand I own 3 magnificent cats!

What I'm doing with my life
Studying to be a vet nurse, Fighting fuckboys, Making memes, Working so I can spend all my money on sushi, tattoos and comic books, Spreading my gay germs...you know...normal shit
Favouritest of all the things
Everything Marvel and Disney, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Japanese food, Baking, Cats and being around them, imgur, Reading books and buying more and more until I have more books than clothing, Pop culture in general, Winter, Thunderstorms, Herbal tea and snakes.
My darkest secret
Greedo shot first
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