"Beautiful Black Stallion" -CowNipples, 2015

20 / Female / Denton, TX, United States


Let's cover some basics. I was born in Denver, but spent most of my life in big ole' Texas. I don't like eggs or bananas. I love music, all kinds. I want to travel the world. I love reading. My favorite color is blue. I love gaming. I like talking to people, and I'm usually up for a chat.

What I'm doing with my life
MyAnacondaWouldLikeSomeNoBunsRequired apparently isn't doing anything with their life, that's unfortunate.
Favouritest of all the things
Food. Games. Netflix. Internet. The occasional book.
My darkest secret
Even though I like big butts, I still have the ability to lie.
  • Single
  • Secondary / High school

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