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35 / Meat Popsicle / Tacoma, WA, United States

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Do I really have to have a reason to be awesome?

What I'm doing with my life
Tech slave.  I work mostly with VoIP based Emergency services systems.  Trying to recollect my life and kinda make things up as I go.  I'll plan to an extent but never fully dedicate to those plans since life is so fluid.
Favouritest of all the things
Can't really say I have a single favorite thing.  It kinda changes depending on the day, sometimes even the hour.  A few things are always consistent though, games, good company and good drinks... and brunch... forever brunch... OK, I guess the answer would be a good brunch.
My darkest secret
Like I'm really going to post that up for all to see.  You wanna know, get to know me and then ask some time.
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