I have friends. Maybe.

25 / Female / Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Welcome to my SS page. My, you're looking great today! Have you done something with your hair? I really like it. :)

About me? I'm waiting for my dogs to become the next internet sensation. I like pizza and icecream. I dream about a large kitchen, a thermomix and a German Shepard. I'm pretty easy going and I make extremely lame puns. I jump to innuedo pretty quickly and I'm usually the one that brings the conversation down a few notches. Sometimes I end up being the 'she' in 'that's what she said'.

What I'm doing with my life

Besides work and waiting for the next installment of the Saucy Daikon and Huggable Eggplant series, I'm an introvert at heart. Spare time includes going to the movies, watching TV series (that I've obtained from questionable sources), crossfit, running, making some crazy raw dessert, watch puppy videos, playing something on Steam. Then I sometimes think about dropping everything and running away to Italy and enrolling in culinary school to learn how to make the perfect pizza.

Favouritest of all the things

Games! If I'm not exercising or working or on Imgur, I'm probably playing some sort of game on PC or iPad. I played the entire Assassin's Creed series (well, up to 3, that one was a bomb). I love a good board games night. Nothing wrong with the traditional Uno or Pictionary but love the latest ones like Dixit, House on Betrayal at the House on the Hill and of course, Cards Against Humanity. My new favourite is Exploding Kittens :)

Coming home from work to see two excited dogs is my favouritest thing!

My darkest secret

I once started a rumour at school that my economics teacher had Aids. It stayed with him for two years. Sorry Mr Crowford.
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