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20 / Female


Im pretty cool. I think. I dont really know what to write here so just go ahead and feel free to ask me anything. I'm usually pretty open. Used to be an socially awkward girl but not anymore! So seriously message me if you like whether here or on imgur. Although I do spend more time on imgur than on here

What I'm doing with my life
Im going to school to become a vet tech but I am also working in a grooming salon for the moment
Favouritest of all the things
Food. I love food!

Supernatural best be my favoritest show.

Music I like a lot of artists. Favorite would have to be Enrique Iglesias. Been listening to the sweet voice of that man since I was 3.

Movies I like action, comedies, horrors, some documentaries. Not into chick flick or drama movies.
My darkest secret
I sometimes wish that I was a dog. Like more than the average person should wish it. I just want to sniff butts, play fetch, and protect you cuz I love you

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