Share the lemons life gives you with people. Life won't expect that.

17 / Female / Georgia, United States


I'm still in high school (oh dear god now I can't even acknowledge her existence). Seriously though, I feel I'm a pretty cool person so don't let my age put a damper on how you view me as a human being. I like to give advice, and talk to people about their problems. Every relationship I have on this site will be strictly platonic, I just want to meet/talk to people who have similar interests and I would'nt have never met otherwise.

What I'm doing with my life
~Trying to get a soccer scholarship
~Trying to figure out my life, my career
~Drowning in people's ignorance
~crying because I can't get a job because I'm busy with travel soccer
Favouritest of all the things

-bass guitar and music
-deep thinking
-being sarcastic
-key lime pie
My darkest secret
I have existential crises everyday, and I'm terrified of death.
But I wouldn't be if I knew there was something after.
  • Seeing Someone
  • Secondary / High school

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