24 / Female / Buffalo, NY, United States


Well I've put this off for too long, so lets get to it.
I have cats and tattoos. I don't care about anyone as much as I do my car.
Confetti is the unicorn of paper.
If I painted my nails a new color everyday with all the nail polish that I own it would take me roughly two years to go through them all. 

Who the hell can use 4000 characters coming up with meaningless shit that no one cares about?

What I'm doing with my life
I am currently working in phone sales for AT&T, and it is sucking my soul out daily, but I get to buy cool things with all the money they give me.
Favouritest of all the things
My favorite things in the whole wide world is batman, wine, my 2 year old nephew because he is a bad ass, sarcasm, never being serious, nail polish, my cell phone, and sleep. You can NEVER get enough sleep and if I'm awake i want to be asleep.

Oh and snapchat.
My darkest secret
"I can't tell you then it wouldn't be a secret"
shut the fuck up your life is not that interesting.
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