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DISCLAIMER: I cannot take naps, please do not suggest I take a nap. It is impossible for me 

Don't take it from me
"@ayciate i'm joking you're alright" - TheBritishAreComing
"@ayciate is the loveliest weird person" - Pandatoast

My username? I used to watch a ton of FTL on twitch. On one stream I watched religiously there was a mod. They were called eighty-eight or something similar. Then I created a new account and well my brain told me this.

What I'm doing with my life
Woke up in the morning travelling straight into the sun. Told my friends and family I was gone. Looked back in the mirror thought about who I had become and, I don't think that anything's gone wrong. Jumped out of my suitcase and went travelling down the road. Went back to the place where I was born. Thinkin' 'bout my future, thinkin' 'bout how far we have come. Oh, I don't think I'm gonna be going home and the day goes on, goes on, goes on, goes on and the day goes on and the day goes on, goes on, goes on. Hold on and the day goes on. Went down to Virginia, thinkin' 'bout  how to change my name. Just in case I have to fly away. Jumped onto a spaceship then I went to outer space and, now I think I'm gonna be O.K and the day goes on, goes on, goes on, goes on and the day goes on and the day goes on, goes on. Hold on. When'st the day goes (on) and I'm long gone and I'm long gone and I'm right where I belong. I went to the future thinkin' 'bout how to spend my day. Thinkin' 'bout the things I can't explain It's 1900 and the times are going to change. Oh, now I think we're gonna be O.K and the day goes on, goes on, goes on, goes on and it goes along and the day goes on, hold on, hold on stay strong and the day goes on
Favouritest of all the things
VR because yes - if you have any Vive/VR related questions ask me because I know too much
 and many other awesome sosarians
My darkest secret
Have you ever wondered when the infernal beat of our putrid lives may finally simply just draw mercifully to a close? Another week, another month, another year and another Barshens episode has past (passed) and here we are soldiering on, Listening to this wailing crescendo once more. Sure, we all love Barry, Stuart and the gang but sometimes, just sometimes the sheer noise becomes too loud. But it's not the noise of Eli and Paul arguing; it is the noise of unrest in our eternal souls. I don't wish to sound morbid, even if the treadmill of life runs ever quicker. But here's the truth, some poor fool is going to stop what they're doing to slavishly read this nonsense - they might even spend the time to write it out and paste it into the comments section. What kind of life is that? Mindlessly transcribing nonsense written by someone who doesn't know what they're doing in order to share it with people that don't care. Is this all there is? People in a dark room answering questions that make no sense, only for someone else in a dark room to speed it up and plonk a whole load of gibberish on top of it for someone else in a dark room to type out again, so that someone else in a dark room can read it. So much futile effort - Image if we all just...didn't. If we took a breath, allowed ourselves to rest. Maybe Barry's not far wrong, we should all be plants - returning to nature and away from our glaring screens, our endless pursuit of the new, the exciting, the viral. Or maybe we should just invest in some higher quality trivia games. Who is to say?
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