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"Hi everyone, I'm Michael. I'm a twenty-six year old man living in North East Pennsylvania with my long-term partner Jessica, and our child. Jessica and I are poly-amorous (she has another boyfriend, B., and Jessica knows I'm on here and interested in connecting with other people for friendship, or more.

My big hobby is video games, both playing and making them. I'm working on establishing myself as an independent game dev and have recently done some commission artwork for other game devs, so I may end up making a career for myself as a freelance game artist (totally amazing!) It really is a dream come true to be able to work with video games, either as a dev, artist or composer, and get paid for it.

When I'm not buried in my latest game, I'm hanging out on Imgur and Team Speak, catching up with my friends on Twitter, or watching YouTube. Jessica regularly attempts o drag me outside to get me away from the computer, but so far she has only been moderately successful.

Part of her lack of success is due to my various chronic illnesses, which make it hard for me to get around. I'm finally getting medical help, and doing better than I used to, but I'll probably always have some problems.

I wouldn't exactly call my life normal, but then what is normal? I'm learning to focus on the positive, and I have a great family, wonderful friends, and the start of a career I love. Right now I'm interested in making more friends, and seeing where life takes me.

What I'm doing with my life
Dealing with my various illnesses, Getting started on a career, and learning o be confident again. Accept me as I am, allow me to grow at my own pace, or just fuck off.
Favouritest of all the things
Family/Friends and Vidja/Tech.. in that order.. simple as that.
My darkest secret
I've survived some hellish shit. I guess my darkest secret is the fear of going through all/any of it again.
  • Open Relationship
  • Secondary / High school

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