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25 / Female / Narellan, New South Wales, Australia


I've looked at so many people's profiles, and they never update them! What's up with that! So I guess my writing something here is better than "Oh this person with a face doesn't update stuff."
I work and watch TV and play games and stuff. And I'd love some company, I get lonely a lot! So you can message me okay! Oh but I forget to check this site (it hates mobile devices) - so uh, email me instead okay? river2011g (at) gmail (dot) com

What I'm doing with my life
Just working part time, and spending the rest of the time doing not much. I do some creative stuff, ask me about it some time.
Favouritest of all the things
Well, let's see... Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Epica... Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Falling Skies... American Dad, Simpsons... Uhh I dunno. Just ask about stuff I guess!
My darkest secret
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
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