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"This is it Casey, -takes a drink of wine- You have 4000 letters to impress people with your about me you better make it god damn epic. Did I just say epic? yeah I did. whatever I loved 2006 why not Re-live it right? okay stay concentrated, this is what's really going to lure them in when they check out your profile, if that's how this S.S. thing even works I dunno I've been on Imgur so long now and I barely just heard of this thing. Okay So lets plan this out... Start with a Title and different paragraphs will describe me as a person, or... a second option... I could tell lies and tell people I'm my brother and I'm doing as well as he is in life! Wait no... I'm here to make real friends. not just get laid. I mean lets be honest here could you imagine if I got laid because I had a buzzed night and decided to make a S.S. profile Casey? Could you honestly imagine that? That'd actually be pretty cool right? Okay stay focused back to the the about me... How far have I gotten here... OH yeah! A title.. I need something flashy that's going to catch all the Womens eyes... um.. what do women like... uh... Mel Gibson? Oh yeah he knew what women wanted in that one movie! Damnit what was the name of that movie he knew what Women wanted... why did he of all people know What Women Wanted. Hrm. Can't think of the name. Alright moving on. Alright I'm pretending I'm Mel Gibson and I'm a big shot movie star... I'm drinking so that's obviously very Mel. That's so Mel will be my catch phrase. You like that? Yeah I kinda like that. Okay so back to the Title, Mel Gibson would probably say ... Actually, fuck Mel Gibson I'm Nick Marshall in that one movie where Mel Gibson knew what women wanted. whatever the fucking name of that fucking movie was. "WWNMD" ? no I don't think anyone would get it. How about, Nick Marshall Wanna-be Likes DA girls. Emphasis on DA girls, kinda like DA BOMB. No...I don't want to attract fucking terrorists. or the year 2000. This is tough as fuck, but that's okay I'm only halfway done. Lemme get another glass of wine. Okay Here we go, refreshed and ready to go. "WWNMD" NO fuck. I don't know what Nick marshal would do okay casey? It's cool just keep calm you're doing fine so far. What'd your mom tell you when you were 6 and that girl didn't like you "Just be yourself" So I went up to her and picked my nose and wiped it on her. Gave that bitch a booger, bitches love boogers. Thanks mom, you're so smart. Okay My title should have something to do with imgur because girls love imgur and I think it could win me some major points that I can remember any post...ever... "decent looking dude looking for friends..Lechuga" eh that seems desperate, girls don't like desperate, they like confidence and you got that Casey. do you? I think you do at least... do I? fuck I think I do... shit. Decent looking dude doing imgur impressions..." -Every single day, Every single fucking day this little faggot ... then I could give a half ass smile and anyone that knows that post would love it! hrm.... that's decent but I can come up with something better...Thank god for Ellipsis...
Alright People have thought I've been gay before because I look gay? Maybe I should set the record STRAIGHT right out of the gate. "NON GAY DUDE LOOKING FOR QT'S TO CHAT WITH" eh... It almost seems offensive that I'm trying to make it KNOWN I'm not gay."NICK MARSHALL DUDE THAT LIKES WOMEN IS HERE FOR YOU" But what if they are annoying as fuck and I'm not there for them, they'd be like well in your title you said you'd be there for me so wtf duder. Get real. "Nick Marshall duder that likes Women is in town wink wink" That was almost a sin to write that. Wasn't Nick marshal in that other movie? No I think he might be a quarterback actually. CASEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. YOU'RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO IMPRESS ANYBODY. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT YOU AND NOT ABOUT THEM. You're right text Casey.wait I got it.the perfect fucking title. This will get all the women... "N

What I'm doing with my life
I'll list them for you.
9. still trying to figure out how to write sentences on my computer where no one can see them.
Favouritest of all the things
MyFirstRodeo has not written anything about their favouritest of all things.
My darkest secret
I think I might have a second butthole. I had a dream about it and I think dreams are real life. Right?

Also, I last about 30 seconds in the sack...ladies...
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