21 / Male / Umeå, Sverige


Hi, hello there.

What is there to know about me..?

I love Bob Dylan, traveling, One Piece, ice-hockey, meeting new people and a looot of different series. I'm often very happy and energetic around people
and I do enjoy some real intellectual conversations.

Been around almost all of western Europe aswell as Vancouver, which must be my favorite city so far along with Brussels and Berlin. The latest city I visited was London.
I must say that city has something special about it, I loved it there.

At the moment I'm trying to learn German (it's going slow, just got some of my father's old books.) aswell as trying to get my drivers license. (about time..)

Just send a message away if you'd like to talk, chat, have a fika or a beer or anything. Would love to talk about just anything.

What I'm doing with my life
KingVerenceIIofLancre apparently isn't doing anything with their life, that's unfortunate.
Favouritest of all the things
KingVerenceIIofLancre has not written anything about their favouritest of all things.
My darkest secret
KingVerenceIIofLancre doesn't think they have any secrets, but we all know about that one time right? ;)

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