22 / Male / Malmö, Sverige


Welcome to Sweden!
I'm a music loving guy who play my guitars, sings and hangs out with my pals here in Malmö. And ye, also, I study environmental science (all up in this bitch).

I like:
Cats, or any furry animals small enough to cuddle.
Tea. Oh yes.
Food, I love cooking!
Music, both playing and listening.

The way to REALLY "get" me is: Boundless humor (go crazy, try me).

We may be different in our own ways
but I do believe we can all co-exist!
Except Dan, Dan's a douchebag.

What I'm doing with my life
All things fun. Isn't that what I'm suppose to do? :3
Favouritest of all the things
My precious bass guitar. His name is rick and he is amazing in every way. Not even gay buttfuck it.
My darkest secret
Oh that one... Shit no, it'll take some getting to know me before i tell it.
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