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If you need anything, or are bored, message me :3. All of the Above. 3 things. Danger prone: Yep. Bad luck: You betcha. Bad timing: Of course. Multiplies in important situations? Mhmm. Just studying to be a game designer. If you want a story, pick a body part, im sure i was injured some way there. Not a fan of that? pick a topic. Im good at those. My age does not reflect my experience, even though im.....20 ..lots a shit went down all that good at really i am.......see, you are still reading. Right?.......maybe?.......if you are, you get a cookie....the worlds biggest virtual cookie. And a a virtual hug from a virtual cat. YES. AND ITS HOLDING THE COOKIE.

What I'm doing with my life
Im currently studying to become a game designer sort of, and its hard cuz all the maths and stuff. Trying to transfer to USC or UCSD, and keep on gaming. Hopefully get back to construction where i get to weld stuff and things to stuff and things on my free time. Unfortunately, im in a bad situation as a student and life gave me a bad hand, so im doing what anyone would do to make it.
Favouritest of all the things
Time spent enjoying what you are doing, there is no other purpose other than that. T.V. shows, music, games, friends events, all that is for the sake of enjoying it with others and yourself. Huge gamer, always reading something, always listening to any kind of music. If it sounds good, then im listening.
My darkest secret
Message me and find out then. :3
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