(with regard to soup) To pea or not to pea
Vincent A.

23 / Male / Bartlett, United States


I like to goof around and not take things too seriously. I have huge traps from shrugging off everything. If someone were to sneak up on me, I'd break my chin turning my head (probably)

What I'm doing with my life
Other than working and going to school, I enjoy music and the creation of it. I play guitar and piano. Trying to stick with writing. Watercolors are hard. Movies and shows are my go to escapes. More so movies
Favouritest of all the things
It's hard to choose a favorite thing. They all have their perks. If sustaining myself had nothing to do with the choice, I'd say music or film. "Film music," you might propose. Take it easy
My darkest secret
I'm Jesus with a haircut. Or was it the anti-christ?...
  • Single
  • College

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