I AM 24!

24 / Male / Denbigh, United Kingdom


I'm a Support Engineer for a software company specialising in 3rd party logistics. I am a lover of expression, I like to draw ideas I get in my head and try to render them into 3D models. I mainly focus that around three main fields, such as Energy Production, Resources and the Environment. It relaxes the fuck out of me and I get to be creative while doing it. :)

If I'm not doing that, I'm either working, listening to music. playing Xbox, reading or watching films. I like to watch anything from Stargate to Breaking Bad.

What I'm doing with my life
I'm working as a Support Engineer, looking towards doing a part-time degree in Computing, specialising in Computer Science.
Favouritest of all the things
- Chocolate
- Games
- Exercise (from time to time)
- Movies
- Music
- Sitting comfortably when it rains outside, especially when I'm in bed all cosy
- The smell of after it has just rained heavily
- The sun caressing my face like I'm some filthy whore
- Not failing at keeping up with my diet and exercise regime.
My darkest secret
I like to think about killing people when I'm annoyed - but from what I've learnt, this is a pretty common thing.
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