Heghlu'meh qaq jajvam~

27 / Male / Jefferson, Georgia, United States

~~~Greetings friend. I'm Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science. You might know us as a vital participant of the 1968 senate hearing on missing astronauts, and you've most likely used one of the many products we invented but other people have somehow managed to steal from us. Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt...~~~

Well, lemme see here....My name is Stewart, or Stew for short. (I actually prefer being called Stew or something along those lines in casual settings. Stewart sounds too formal) Those that know me well enough call me Stewie.

I'm a nerd. Majorly. I am a serious gamer, both with video games and tabletops. I am highly into Dungeons and Dragons, and have been for nearly 10 years. Card games, even though I still play Magic: The Gathering, I am not that big on them. XP

PATHFINDERS! Oh sweet buttery Jesus biscuits, I love Pathfinders! I'm even in the Pathfinder's Society, so huzzah! I have an addiction to creating characters. I rarely run out of ideas in my head!

I'm a derp. I am from the internet mostly, so I will act like it too. Tough cookies.

~~Welcome, gentlemen, to Aperture Rituals. Astronauts, war heroes, Olympians: you're here because of an ancient mating ritual etched in a monolith by the Elder Monks to forestall the end of days. So, who is ready to make love to a giant bird?~~

What I'm doing with my life

**Cave Johnson here. Just wanted to let you know that, after decades of research and testing, we have finally transformed into beings of pure light. Go team. Not exactly what we were after, of course, but in the ballpark. So let's keep testing, and maybe someday we'll achieve man's ultimate dream: to evolve into pillars of pure salt. Can't wait. So salty.**

Mainly just gaming or visiting imgur.
 I also have a youtube channel started, so check things out!
Also, hit me up on Steam! --->   [MiT] Chief

Favouritest of all the things

I like food. Plain and simple.  I also like women, fine scotch, and good ol' dogs.

My darkest secret

I've probably got multiple voices in my head.
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