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umbrena What is the worst date you have ever been on? 10 hours ago
gargantuanspork Which ship name is best gargantuanspork WaltJizzney myabilitytoevenumbrenaxann101Kingphilip42 Yesterday at 22:41
TheDevilsAvocado What should I do about my date tonight? sbdgirl25 SirFondleButt finntsih cyanmKingphilip42kptkrunk 2 days ago
TheBritishAreComing Does Sophie Smell TheBritishAreComingomikoneSergeantKnickerlessArsewipeKingphilip42FrogginBullfishkhazorath 2 days ago
TheSire What is the cheesiest thing you have ever done while trying to impress... swelshie Belisar 2 days ago
TheSire So let's say I like someone a lot but I don't know how to tell her, what is... TheSire SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe kptkrunk TheBritishAreComing FrogginBullfish Oct 07th 2017 11:15
Anonymous Have I ruined it? kptkrunk Sep 21st 2017 01:11
TheSire TheSire has won a romantic evening for 2, who should he take? cyanmalcopopDigityDogpandatoastFrogginBullfishkhazorath Sep 07th 2017 18:02
IsaacsBinder Are we a dating site? TheBritishAreComingNotTheDroidYouAreLookingForcyanmIamSprotsumbrenagabrieldragulia Sep 04th 2017 22:46
TheBritishAreComing What should we call purplepotatoes? cyanm MrToego slimySumoCow CannibalFox khazorath Aug 11th 2017 01:20
umbrena How would you react if your significant other had a roommate/flatmate of the... TheBritishAreComingRedTamponanthearghcyanmumbrenaPandaBear Aug 04th 2017 04:00
TheBritishAreComing What would you do cyanm Danda TheBritishAreComing thetittiekeeperumbrenaSergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Aug 02nd 2017 05:53
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's the most ridiculous thing you've had to do to get somebody to leave... FrogginBullfish Aug 01st 2017 08:32
TheSire Should you send good morning kisses to your current squeeze or your best... RedTamponumbrenaxdeluThePhantomFondlerTheSireNQMT Jun 22nd 2017 16:53
TheSire Would you date TheSire? umbrena kptkrunkBrooksthegentlemanMissadventuresfinntsih Jun 22nd 2017 08:30
Anonymous any suggestions? cyanm sbdgirl25 TheDevilsAvocado Jun 18th 2017 21:34
umbrena How do you get over a bad break up? cyanm finntsih fred0ne pritzilpalazzo TheDevilsAvocado Jun 14th 2017 19:18
TheSire What is your perfect stag (bachelor) or hen (bachelorette) party? TheBritishAreComing fred0ne May 30th 2017 08:19
thekamikazekid A date with TheDevilsAvocado? You could be the winner seed6666 umbrena WolvesAndWhiskey Anonymous May 30th 2017 04:29
spoonman how many of you are single? TheSire mrbaca thekamikazekid WaterBug dasadobobro May 22nd 2017 13:31
teabot4000 Death to all humans cyanm fred0ne Anonymous TheBritishAreComingTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkkysinden May 15th 2017 15:46
Kisi Norther Hemisphere Semi Meetup. cyanm TheBritishAreComingCowsGoMooALotWhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailorumbrenaFrogginBullfish Apr 28th 2017 12:52
OKDecM My friend is depressed, how can I help him out? CowsGoMooALot NorwegianVikingPower OKDecM Anonymous Apr 10th 2017 12:59
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's a good first date for you? Violetchoas kptkrunk CowsGoMooALot AMattressCalledZemGhostbusterGuySergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Apr 06th 2017 02:29
umbrena Have you ever stalked someone? fluffypineapplez cyanm umbrena CowsGoMooALot swelshiePandaBear Mar 24th 2017 01:35