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TheSire Horses used to pull humans. Now humans have cars and pull horses. Which is... CowsGoMooALotashygrrDigityDogTotallyContagiouspandatoastFrogginBullfish Oct 07th 2017 03:38
TheSire What is Sloth? SlothpandatoastCymistkhazorathkptkrunkTheSire Oct 01st 2017 07:23
blarblarblarrrr Are you a... cyanm CowsGoMooALotCapnKrunchyblarblarblarrrrRDCASSkptkrunk Sep 09th 2017 06:56
Anonymous Which animals do you think jems is most likely to kill when he's bored? TheBritishAreComingIamSprotsWutTheFuckIsJuicespocktothehandTheDevilsAvocado Aug 06th 2017 15:42
IsaacsBinder Are you a cow. CowsGoMooALot slimySumoCow TheBritishAreComingumbrenaMissNerdyGirlDanda Jul 28th 2017 13:47
TheSire What is RockChickie? TheSire Anonymous TheBritishAreComingDigityDogTheFuckFaceWhispererMissNerdyGirl Jul 21st 2017 14:04
TheFuckFaceWhisperer Where does chocolate milk come from? cyanm SergeantKnickerlessArsewipexdeluApparentlyHardTackTheFuckFaceWhispererlinkdk59 Jun 23rd 2017 19:21
triscat was the meerkat photo glorious? TheBritishAreComingMeeliTheSiretriscatRamsayDidNothingWrong Jun 03rd 2017 12:34
TheSire Is cccconga the Gatekeeper from Shivering Isles? cccconga fred0ne DigityDogTheSiretriscatRhodderz May 31st 2017 12:17
TheSire If you had to choose between a dog and a cat, what are you naming your new... fred0ne FrogginBullfish TheSire canihaveyourdachshund Sloth May 29th 2017 06:55
blobbyblobblob who is bigger cyanmcanihaveyourdachshundTotallyContagiousTheSireblobbyblobblobObiSeanFlurNobi May 27th 2017 08:41
TheSire Is it possible to train a cat? WaterBug herbasaurus3 fred0ne TheSire Anonymous May 13th 2017 22:54
TheBritishAreComing Do you love cows or hate them cyanm TheBritishAreComingShotgunBettyTheSociableHermitPantsmanCrotherMissNerdyGirl May 06th 2017 10:21
cyanm Would you keep a pig as a pet umbrena thederpypug ZooeyBear SpookyKoi cheesymac Apr 13th 2017 01:51
FlangeMaster What kind of bird is RockChickie? DigityDogsalamiplastikApparentlyHardTackTheSireFlangeMaster Apr 06th 2017 09:08
TheSire Should scooterbrother do as she's told? slimySumoCow scooterbrother MrToego cyanmPandaBearBhart2290 Apr 05th 2017 09:22
Anonymous We got 2 tiny lil chicks, but they don't have names yet. What should we call... Belisar Myfirstnamewaschosen CachemireKitty Anonymous TheSire Mar 31st 2017 14:01
TheSire Should Scooterbrother take her dog to the career fair? cyanm InnocentMaliceUtanapishtimTheSireJoe Mar 30th 2017 17:44
blobbyblobblob r me a pokemon InnocentMalicekptkrunkslimySumoCow Mar 30th 2017 17:44
Thilarim A title, keep it simple! UmbraycyanmZackBallgargantuansporkTheSire Mar 07th 2017 20:58
TheSire I'm a soon to be proud owner of a new Laradoodle. What are you tips on... TheSire Anonymous fred0ne Mar 06th 2017 10:13
Thilarim Who is the best pun maker? cyanm Thilarim Aichan TheSire Mar 03rd 2017 00:17
ZackBall If Umbrena were a dog, what kind would she be? cyanm ZackBall PandaBear slimySumoCow Mar 02nd 2017 14:17
TheSire What's the best way to get scooterbrother to forgive me? cyanm scooterbrother blackscienceman TheSire slimySumoCow Mar 01st 2017 16:46
blobbyblobblob pokemon is 21 which means i am 21 cyanm toinanbe PandaBear TheSire Feb 28th 2017 21:45